VodaNak Project: 2010

source: Municipality of Outjo
Population and Size
Town Commonage:     10900 hectares
Inhabitants:     8400
Households:     2400
Growth Rate (past 10 years):     1.5%
Immigrants with Permanent Residence:     0.09%
Refugees:     0%
Religion: Christian in denominations of 13 Churches
Households with access to safe water:     89%
Households with access to toilet facilities:     60%
Households with access to Electricity for Lighting:     51%
Unemployment Rate:     31.9%
Sex Groups:  
Female : Male:
51.19% 48.81%
Main Source of Income: 
  Economic Activity: Percentage:
  Farming: 5
  Wages & Salaries: 69
  Cash Remittance: 8
  Business, Non-Farming: 8
  Pension: 7
Age Distribution:    
Age: 0 - 4 5 - 14 15 - 59 60+ Not Stated
Percentage: 12.3 21.1 59.2 6.8 0.6
Outjo's water is not supplied by Namwater. The town has its own water sources in the form of boreholes that supply two reservoirs that store 900 cubic meters of water each and supply the tower that holds a further 110 cubic meters.

The Cenored company distribute electricity within the city borders.

Outjo still has 244 erwen that is serviced by a suction pump tanker, while the rest of town is serviced by a full bore gravity drainage system that drains towards oxidation ponds at the South-western part of town.

Outjo is linked to automated fixed line and cellular networks that supports voice and data transmission.

All relevant ministries are represented in town. See Public Services in the business directory for detail.

Main business activities in town and the district are livestock farming, charcoal production, tourism and hunting. All businesses that are listed in the telephone directory can be found under our Business Directory section.

Twinning or Cooperation Arrangements
Internationally the Outjo Development Trust has arrangements with the Stichting Ontwikkelingsproject Maarsen in the Netherlands.
Outjo's municipality seek partners locally and internationally to exchange experience and information, aimed at enhancing Administrative and Technical know-how.