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The town Outjo in Namibia is undeservedly for most people only a stopover on their way to the Etosha National Park , the Skeleton Coast, Damaraland or the Koakoveld.
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Outjo is also extremely central to all Tourist attraction in Northern Namibia and is a buzz of tourism activities.
The town is geographically a very central point in Namibia with the furthest towns North, East and West being +/- 600km away. This is even more evident if one compares the position to the population spread.
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The area lies in fertile grasslands, dotted with livestock ranches. The name "Outjo" is variously translated as place on the rocks or little hills referring to the areas hilly topography. In the Herero language "Outjo" means place of the cone shaped hills.
Outjo in Northern Namibia is set between low hills on the brink of the Ugab valley. The vegetation is predominantly woodland, buschveld and savannah on a limestone formation.  The eroded valley has spectacular rock formations of which the Ugab Rockvinger is the best known.